Online Journalism Symposium

Many of the presenters from the symposium touched on some great concepts, but the presenter I found myself enjoying the most was Juan Sanchez from Spain. It was not just because of his accent although it is certainly a hook. But during his presentation he said “we are trying to give them a media that can be related with…we don’t get the money and run. We are building a community.”

I felt that what he said really resonated with a lot of things we’ve heard from the speakers that have visited in terms of audience engagement. People want to find an outlet that they can relate to so they can feel that connection. That is what will keep them coming back. If people feel they are being treated as merely ATM’s then it creates a detachment from the source and a loss in community. Sanchez emphasized the fact that they were given the people of Spain what they needed and played on that political demand. He found the source and aimed straight for it. Instead of them making money and copping out, they continued to play on that demand and become a valuable entity to their market as most businesses aspire to do.

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