News Start Ups

What was compelling to me was that doing events is a way for sponsors to start giving you money even before their ready. I once tried to start an online local news publication and I failed mostly because I didn’t find local support. I am still very interested in creating an independent publication for the San Antonio area and a lot of what they shared would help me developing this concept.

Also stressing the building of a community is key. He mentioned that it is not a pay and take the money type of thing. Sembramedia’s talk on how they researched digital media sites is really compelling to understand what works and what doesn’t.

It was interesting the china30 site used people to create content and had them contribute it and they get donations for their work. I love the idea that they created these trips and are teaching writing. I believe that not only creates revenue but I bet these people become loyal to that brand because in a sense they helped them achieve their goals.

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