Jeff Wilson

A minimalist finatic, Jeff Wilson is the CEO of a major business that sells small living called KASITA. From getting his Bachelor’s at Texas A&M, his Master’s at Texas State University, his PhD at the Univeristy of Canterbury, and finally his Post-Doctoral studies at Harvard University – Jeff Wilson has been all over the world. He is interested in all sorts of different topics ranging from human interests all the way to economic empowerment. Jeff got his inspiration for his business by living small. He lived in a dumpster for an entire year, simply for the sake of research. Now he runs KASITA, where he sells 300+ square foot homes as a solution to the housing shortage in the area. Jeff has had many honorable mentions by The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post.

I would like to know how he started his business – at the beginning, how did he convince people to live small?

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