Jeff Wilson – Trailblazer

Jeff Wilson PhD has had quite the history. Starting with a Industrial Distribution Bachelors Degree from Texas A&M & a Geographic Information Masters Degree from Texas State he finished his schooling at the University of Canterbury with a PhD in Environmental Science and Post Doctorates at Harvard. Immediately following school he spent a couple years as a Dean at Huston-Tillotson University and finally settled in his current position at KASITA as CEO where specializes in developing new innovative ways to address housing and the future of housing in the United States. From a true rag to riches background Wilson’s personal journey has brought him insight and perspective that few may ever share and he has utilized this minimalistic approach to doing the absolute best with less.


  1. What would your rebuttal to those that would be reluctant to the idea of “Micro-Housing” due to the space and comfort of traditional housing?
  2. What would you argue is the biggest BENEFIT to converting to micro-housing?

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