Jeff Wilson- the life of a minimalist

The thing that resonated with me the most about Jeff Wilson was the fact that he was not just a minimalist in the sense that he only owns 3-5 tee shirts, but to the extent of going entire summers with only the clothing on his back and living in a dumpster for three full years. After managing to like in a 33-square foot dumpster for a full year conceptualized a new manner of living in a largely populated city on a budget. On his instagram page (@professordumpster) he has photographs of the cube living spaces as well as photos of his dumpster days, my favorite is the one with the Christmas lights around the dumpster (can’t bee TOO MUCH of a minimalist!!)
Additionally the mobile micro homes as the website refers to them are not only precisely designed right down to the bed, but also beautifully designed.

When you decided to live in a dumpster as an experiment what was the goal, what were you aiming to discover?

I noticed you do not have a degree in design, is this something you have learned along the way or do you have engineers you are working with?

How many countries have you traveled to?

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