Jeff Wilson — Kasita

The idea of Kasita is extremely innovative and my hat goes off to the creators of the idea. The social experiment done by Jeff Wilson to live in a dumpster is outside the box thinking that not too many are willing to experiment with. The dumpster dimensions of living must have struck some creative chords as Jeff thought up the idea of Kasita. First off, the name is clever. Casita is a spanish meaning, “small house,” but I’m sure for marketing purposes he changed the “C” to a “K”.

The pictures of what the units would look like are really cool and are geared to a specific type of person. In a day when people are always looking for more, Kasita seeks out the people who feel the opposite. People with a minimalist mindset allow for a simple life and are prime candidates for this type of housing. I don’t know if I could last long in a living situation like this, but as I think about all of the unnecessary things I have in my apartment it makes me think twice. I’m interested in what comes out of Kasita in the future.



  1. Was Kasita a derivative of Casita and if so what were the reasons for changing the first letter?
  2. Are these units pet friendly?
  3. When you lived in a dumpster was it an actual dumpster, or an area with dumpster dimensions?

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