Jeff Wilson: Dumpster Professor

Jeff Wilson is quite the entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Kasita, a micro home created to accommodate city living. How did he come up with his idea? Check your trash… seriously.

Wilson got into the entrepreneur field in the late 1990’s, when Silicon Valley was at its peak. He worked for three years but decided he need something more out of life, so he left. He returned to academia, where he got a doctorate degree and became a professor. He then traveled a lot before settling in Austin, TX. While¬†on his travels, he carried very little and lived a simple life. He revisited his positivity with this experience by deciding to live in a 33 square foot dumpster FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR: a social experiment.

His experience made him want to attend to the need of affordable city-living, and so he invented the award-winning Kasita: a micro home that can go ANYWHERE and make city-living affordable and simple.


My my questions for Jeff:

1. Tell me about your dumpster experience? I’m claustrophobic so I would love to hear how this played out.

2: Have any purchases been made? What do you expect revenue & market-wise?

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