Introducing Tim Levy

Tom Levy is an Australian export that Austin managed to wrangle away from Silicon Valley. In each of these places, he has managed to make his name.

As a child in Sydney, his hometown, he spent a lot of his time absorbed by an Apple computer. The detail that it was Apple is important because he, like the company itself, came to be invested in both the technological/practical and the creative. He, in fact, viewed technology as the ultimate creative tool.

Levy received his college education in computer science while bolstering his education with the executive level connections his father’s professional career afforded them. His passions led him to positions dealing with the media content for major corporations, McDonald’s included. Eventually he wound up in California where he did art direction for giant brands like HP through an agency and began consulting clients back in Australia.

His creative interests and ambitions were later pushed to the forefront and his resume expanded to included stand-up comedy, which led to CDs, books and a television program.

Unsurprisingly, his winding, diverse career path has proven intriguing for many. It also, handily, provides a source of inspiration. These facts have fueled the next move: inspirational speaker.

In the end my questions are…

  1. What on earth next?


  1. Where do you find the guts to make these radical jumps? How do you handle the intimidation?

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