Here comes Vera…!

In a very exciting turn of events, we have the opportunity to hear from one of our own! Vera Fischer is a graduate of Texas State University (BA in journalism, advertising and business administration in 1991) and has since returned to the graduate program in School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), where she is currently wrapping up an MA. The time between these endeavors has been filled with success across several roles in the marketing world.

Fischer is German-born, but Austin-bred (at least professionally!). She has held marketing positions at several Austin-based agencies, including GSD&M, T3 and the Olson Group. Her success has earned her a position on the advisory council for the SJMC.

The greatest culmination of her success, however, has been in her role as the founder and president of 97˚ West, a proudly Austin-based marketing agency. She founded the agency in 2004 and in the years since it has become an internationally-recognized organization that has been awarded by the Daveys and ranked among the top agencies in the nation. As an outgrowth of the organization, a start-up incubator has been established under the 97˚ umbrella.

Fischer is also the host of of the System Execution Podcast. Check it out to here the insights and stories of a home-grown success story.


  1. What are the most significant ways you have seen the Austin marketing scene change since starting your own agency?
  2. As president, how do you determine what aspects of your agency to be heavily involved in and what aspects to delegate primarily to others within your organization’s structure?

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