Function vs Design

To be honest this was a debate I have personally lingered and see-sawed on for quite a bit of time but the chapter opened up to my eyes to even more perspectives to consider in the debate. After reviewing the text I feel like both function and design go hand in hand and in many ways if one is lacking and the other still remains obsolete in eyes of the masses. I hate to take the cop out, but I truly believe its a even-keel significance for both function and design, here’s why.

Function requires that your product just that; it functions. It accomplishes the task at hand. You are able to complete a process or action by use of this product. Can you imagine if airplane radar’s and flight communications were unreliable, it would be chaos. We trust and rely on our products to be fully functioning.

By that same token, consider design. How useful would windshield wipers be if we had to go through a long- drawn out process to use them. Instead of simply just pressing down or flicking a switch imagine that the process to activate windshield wipers was more comparable to a video game cheat code (up, up, down, down, up, up, honk twice, hit the brake) consider how confusing and problematic that would be. The function and device would already considerably lose its efficiency drastically and with it, user friendliness- consumer interest would free fall.

This is going to also sound total cliche but what better example than IPhones. The initial interest and attraction to these devices wasn’t just that they were cool and trendy but that they were user friendly. That remains to be true today, people of all ages now own iPhones. Personally every year or so I ask my self whether this could be it! Could today be the day I switch to Android. Those new processors and displays are looking pretty nifty after all. But time and time again the answer is NO! The simplicity of the iPhone, the sleek design and most importantly the user friendliness and the personal rapport and experience I have built with this device makes it considerably harder to have to switch and learn a new OS  that arguably has a higher capability but lacks in design.


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