Function or Design?

In my opinion in the debate whether function or design is more important, I would argue that function is most important. Yes, it’s always a plus if the design of something makes you want to show whatever it is to all your friends, however, if the item is not able to do what you want it to efficiently, whats the point? I say that, however, you’ll never catch me in a pair of step-ups– if those are still a thing. I’m talking about those shoes created by Sketchers that are built for comfort, but are have a huge sole, which doesn’t do it any favors in the style department. In a perfect world you have a product that is the leader in its’ field in both functionality as well as design. I do believe function is the most important of the two, but I do find myself sacrificing the function of something in favor of the design more often than I’d like to admit.

The first time I purchased an iPod was purely based on design. Yes it held a lot more songs than my current mp3 player at the time did, but the look of it made it seem so much better. The circle in the middle that allowed to scroll through the music stood out to me. The clicking sound that was made when a song was selected and a full display of what was being played were just a few of the design parts that made it better than the device I was using. I think that was the third generation iPod and I never turned back. The Smithsonian article spoke about the simplicity of Apple products and the iPod specifically and this is part of what it hooked me and created a long time customer.

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