Design Theory

In the A BRIEF HISTORY OF DESIGN THINKING: THE THEORY article one idea that really stuck out was the idea that studying design is not so much as a scientific explanation as it is a creative one.

Also, it was interesting to read about how our brains have limits as computers do making us only be able to “satisfice” rather than being able to understand the complexities.

I also recognize the purpose of design as making something that is complex, more explainable.

The D School seems like a very interesting project that offers real world solutions to some big problem but not just though academic research but through hands on projects with a variety of people from different backgrounds. I think this is a really great approach and as an educator myself , it is what will set as apart as a country and shape technology in the years to come.

The interesting thing mentioned in Jobs article was the idea that the design of a product really defines how it will be perceived overall. He wanted the design to be simple because their computers make computing easier. He could of stopped with the outter appearance but he wanted the product to be simple inside as well. I’m assuming the idea is that you can’t say something is simple and then it look complex on the inside, maybe saying , hey this isn’t simple at all , its just  as complex as something Sony would make. It made it Honest. I think that the use of simple white colors is different than what Sony was doing at the time and in a lot of ways made the user experience of an Apple a more upbeat one in my own personal opinion.

On the other hand as the Forbes article points out, Apple will short hand customers with device durability in place of design. While the I phone 6 looks really cool and has some great new features, it can’t be everything and a decent battery was apparently sacrificed. This seems like more of a marketing strategy because if its looks great people will buy it even if there is a similar product that is better but doesn’t really look as great. I can also see having the latest Iphone can be a status symbol or a fashion statement. If it appears well designed, it will sell , even if you figureout later that it wasn’t. Also, with every Apple new release the consumer needs to see some kind of “improvement” and as they said “thinner” is in. Apple also could possibly do this purposely as their replacements, repairs, and accessories are a huge seller for them. They don’t just simple sell you a phone and you are done, you become a loyal subscriber to the brand, like it or not.


1) Which is more important, function or design? Are they equal? Under what circumstances (for example, is one more important in a phone, another more important in a car or computer)?

Design to me is important overall for most things. I grew up really inspired by graphic design and art. I am never satisfied with the design of most of the websites that I build even if it functions really well. I think design is more appreciated than function because function isn’t pretty.

2) Has design influenced a purchasing decision for you? Or is something high on your wish list because of design?Oddly enough design usually doesnt inspire me to buy a product because as somewhat of a techie I look for whats the most affordable product that can do what I need it to do?

But every now and then I will come under the trance of really cool design. I see design as a big component to impulse buying.

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