Design or Function?

1) Which is more important, function or design? Are they equal? Under what circumstances (for example, is one more important in a phone, another more important in a car or computer)?

I think function is definitely more important than design, especially in things like cars and computers. Even for an iPhone, sure I love the sleek design and how light it is, but at the end of the day, I am going to need something that I can use for everyday use. Design is important but for advertising and marketing purposes. Consumers always take the design into consideration. I know some people who always buy certain colors of iPhones because they look prettier or they already have a case in mind and a certain color goes with it better. I think it’s different with things like cars though. Function is something that needs to be the most important because it’s not only for everyday use, but also for your safety. You don’t want a car that’s only pretty, but will break down on you constantly.

2) Has design influenced a purchasing decision for you? Or is something high on your wish list because of design?

It definitely has influenced a purchasing decision for me. As someone who once worked for Apple, the design was always something I looked at first and then the function. When I purchased my new MacBook Pro, the fact that it was slimmer, lighter and the screen was so vibrant is what sold me. It was after that when I went on to decide what I needed on the inside of the computer, the RAM, storage, etc. Same for when I bought my new iPhone 7 Plus. When they announced the jet black phone, I was instantly sold. The headphone jack wasn’t a problem for me either because when I really thought about it. I rarely listened to my phone while it was charging anyways.

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