Anna Tauzin Rice Bio & Questions To Ask

Anna Tauzin Rice is the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for the Texas Restaurant Association, whee she handles promoting of the TRA and the restaurants across the state. She has also done marketing work and projects for the National Restaurant Association. She does a lot of speeches on aspects of the food and restaurant industry and also has experience being a web and social media editor. Anna has the privilege of being on the SXSW Interactive advisory board so look for her at this year’s festival! Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Texas State University, and a Master’s in journalism from American University. Anna was born and raised in Texas and is happily married.

Two questions I have for Anna are:

  1. How did you land the job with the National Restaurant Association which I’m guessing led to tour job with the TRA; what was your networking strategy?
  2. What are your duties every year as an advisory board member for SXSW Interactive and how did you get the position?

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