Amanda Zamora- Voice of the People

Amanda received her bachelor of Journalism from 2002 from  the University of Texas at Austin. Since then she has gone to have a very diverse journey working journalism starting early on as a online producer for the Statesman than Metro, Health & Senior Producer and Word Editor for the WashingtonPost. Eventually becoming a Multimedia Editor, Social Media Engagement Analyst, Digital Editor and Finally A Chief Audience Officer at Texas Tribune. It is clear that much like the nature of technology platforms and story forms Amanda is always evolving with the nature of journalism that is current and I believe this is something that assures her value and solidifies her as a true journalist in the 20th century. She has had an exceptional journey, one that is telling of how ever-changing roles in media journalism have become. Throughout it all though she has stayed true to the people by reporting and publishing news that is relevant to them… “(I) believe the best stories we can tell resonate with the communities most interested in and affected by them.”



In regards to social media specifically do you feel there is still untapped potential for journalism to expand?

Secondly, When you say you would like to take journalism into new spaces

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