Amanda Zamora-Super Journalist

Amanda Zamora graduated from the University of Texas, and began her journalism career right down the road at The Austin American-Statesman newspaper. Amanda┬áthen embarked for the next 13 years to the East Coast to expand her career. She worked for ProPublica where she was the senior engagement editor, and assisted in starting the Huffington Post Investigative Fund (a non-profit news organization) in 2009. She spend most of her years on the East Cost working for journalism giant, The Washington Post, where she served as the Post’s first social media and engagement editor and also as a national digital editor.

Amanda came back to her Texas roots in 2016 to work for the Texas Tribune. There, she is the Chief Audience Officer and is in charge of the newspaper’s audience growth and its engagement efforts. Amanda’s main goal is to provide journalism that interacts/engages readers and gives them news about what THEY want to know and what they value.

Amanda also has experience being a Knight Digital Media Fellow for public affairs journalism for the Kiplinger Program. Needless to say, she is a well-rounded, super journalist.

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