Amanda Zamora of the Texas Tribune

Amanda Zamora is in charge of audience growth and engagement over at the Texas Tribune. She has been in this position since 2016 and has quite a few years of experience (13 to be exact) under her belt. Before Zamora joined the Tribune, she held positions at The Washington Post, Investigative Fund, ProPublica, and one of my favorites, The Huffington Post. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, this Houstonite got her first steps in at the Austin American-Statesman beginning her career.

The Texas Tribune dedicated special article to Zamora deeming her “best-in-our-business” in regards to her new title as chief audience officer. Aside from her career, Zamora has also spent some time teaching as an adjunct professor of graduate journalism at Columbia University and social analytics at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

Zamora is sure to bring quite the insight.

Twitter: @amzam


What was it about the Tribune that drew you all the way back to Texas from the Washington Post?

What are the key skills/knowledge to have when dealing with audience engagement?



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