Amanda Zamora: From Coast to Coast

Amanda Zamora, is the Cheif Audience Officer for the Texas Tribune. In this role, she leads the Tribune’s audience growth and engagement efforts. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Zamora worked as Editorial Assistant and Online Producer, respectively, for the Austin American Statesman. Zamora returned to Texas in 2016 after a 13 year stay on the East Coast working for various organizations including The Huffington Post Investigative Fund, The Washington Post and ProPublica.

Specializing in audience-centered editorial strategy, Zamora says she is “passionate about journalism, and believes the best stories we can tell resonate with the communities most interested in and affected by them.” In her position as Cheif Audience Officer, she assigns and edits news, examines analytics to understand how audiences are consuming content, and experiments with new platforms, technologies and story forms.


  1. What is your favorite part about your job?
  2. What strategies did you utlize to get the attention and eventually become employed by news organizations such as the Washington Post and The Huffington Post?

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