A Vision of Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer is the reigning CEO and President of Austin-based marketing firm, 97° West. Fischer has been running the firm ever since it’s opening in 2004 and has continued to see steady progress over the past decade. Fischer has previously worked for GSD&M with clients such as Krispy Kreme, Houston Rockets, and SeaWorld just to name a few. DzThe Think Tank.dz was another company where Vera honed her experience while working with the at the time newly established Preferred Accounts Division for the Dell launch.

Fischer also runs a podcast alongside her firm titled “System Execution” discussing the executions of successful businesses. This podcast is worth mention because it makes Fischer the first woman to host a podcast about business systems and processes.

Aside from running her successful firm, Fischer is also a master’s candidate at Texas State University studying strategic communication. She previously received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) in 1991.


Twitter @VeraFischer97

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