Constant entrepreneurial thinking

The article I read had a  great concept to understand in the entrepreneur world. It can also be the hardest to deal with in my opinion. As an entrepreneur that is constantly thinking of new ways to push a business, its really difficult to know when it is time for a change. Its hard to gauge whether you are just around the corner to success or just spinning your wheels. It is something that I personally struggle with. There are tons of companies that do similar things but trying to set yourself apart is a great challenge.

As my vision changes , so does my idea for business. For example, I started out doing web design in the early 2000’s and around that time, nobody was doing that and companies didn’t see the value in it so it( and maybe back then there really wasn’t since not alot of people were online)

My current company started as a company that just produced films, but I found that there is very little money in doing so. No one wanted to buy short films and they were hard to distribute, and the only ones buying them was family and friends. I later got interested in developing a travel and culture blog where I would sell information about traveling to different countries and in a way become a travel agent of sorts, The problem with that is that there are all of these travel search engines everywhere and massive travel sites. Plus I wasn’t about to focus on a specific location which I think finding a niche and just out doing everyone else would of been key.

To my frustration, I wanted to give up, but it is something that I obsess about and when I see other people running a successful business I think, why not me?

I developed the company into a video production and digital marketing agency once I returned back to the states. I wanted to focus on musicians and small business.  I would quickly scrap the idea of working with musicians as a main goal for a few reasons. One, a musician making money has access to that already through their label and Two, if you’re just starting out most musicians cant afford to pay for your work.

I began focusing on Digital Marketing and creating Video Content for small business. This has become my unique selling point for business because I do more than just create videos, I can get results through marketing. It’s a one stop solution to two critical elements that a company will need now and in the future.

One issue that I have seen with my current business model is that as a full time teacher, I have a difficult time, meeting with a client and having a small weekend window to try to help their business. I am also not available traditional business hours.

Due to this complication, I started thinking of what direction to go with the company. I still really want to produce video and market digitally and get to know small business but perhaps on a part time weekend basis.

With that said I began to think what I can do during the week when I’m up  at 1AM and cant sleep.  I began to think that I’m a teacher by profession, why don’t I just teach this stuff? I began to develop curriculum and tools for Small Business owners and more specifically create an educational platform for High school students to learn how to become an Entrepreneur. We teach students how to get jobs, we teach them technical skills, why don’t we teach them how to create businesses? I started thinking about how if you want to be a professional basketball player you begin in middle school and train all the way through college. Why should being an Entrepreneur be any different?

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