Spectrum NY1 makes drastic staff changes

At the Texas State Broadcasting meeting on April 10, I learned that Spectrum News is making budget and staff changes. Spectrum News which now owns NY1 has decided to extend a layoff swept to get rid of older on-air talent.

In a nut shell Spectrum NY1 wants a younger and cheaper staff which is good news for reporters new in the field. Part of the change comes with eliminating content on lifestyle and entertainment such as film and cooking. This change will be nationally impacted with all the Spectrum news channels including Austin and San Antonio.


Here is the full feature article below.


Drone storytelling

Here are some of my favorite drone videos that are vastly popular and viewed on YouTube. The filmmaker uses the Phantom 4 drone. The first video is a montage of video shots throughout Hawaii. The second video is a collection of sequences all shot in California.

I love that the California video gives the viewer a perspective of what it’s like to live by the coast, country, city and suburbs. These are great examples of great drone storytelling. I also like how the filmmaker incorporated music in the background. Hope you enjoy these beautiful videos!

~Kiersten Ehr


Social Media and I

It’s no surprise that many people these days are connected to social media- it’s kind of difficult not to be. With so many options that cater to different age groups, even my grandma is connected to the world through the use of social media. But what does surprise me (even though it shouldn’t) is the amount of people and groups who turn to the internet to share fake or very biased news.

I used to turn to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to not only get updates on my friends and to see cute pictures of animals but also for links to news stories I may find interesting. But these days I find it very difficult to find anything worth my time. I find it easier and less stressful to just go through my list of news stations and check their websites throughout the day.

I find the idea that social media websites can share news laughable. Sorry Snapchat, your “Discover” section is a joke. When that was first added, I heard someone say that this was going to be an easier way to quickly find out about things going on. But what is newsworthy about Cosmopolitan or People. Sure, I guess it could be a time filler to get a good laugh but there is no true substance there. Facebook is trying to help by having the “trending” section and the capability to tell them if I don’t like a video they think I will like. And there have been times where I see a headline or something in my news feed and actually read what has been posted. But Facebook allows so much fake news to spread it’s difficult to take them seriously.

I still think that social media is a great way to connect with people and I still do use it on a regular basis. It is a great place to promote free speech and a place where you can connect with friends. But as a news source? Well, I think I’ll just stick to going to news websites.


Guys, I was able to have a small convo with a young up and coming entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas. His name is Jordan McCook. I meet him recently at a radio show release showcase he put together for his new radio show that he just started. He was originally a barber, then he got the feeling that he was to do more with his life so he prayed about it and starting a radio show was bestowed upon his heart. I ask him what’s steps were taken to get his own radio station, and he answer “firstly, brand myself”. Next I asked what would be the steps and guidelines to coming up with that brand, and his reply was “something that comprise the end goal or vision of the company”. Lastly, I asked for any other advice, and he told me “it’s not about who you know.. it’s about who knows you.. don’t compete with anyone ever! Just be the best me I can be”. 

Jordan McCook ladies and gentlemen

Copyright and Creative Commons

I found this week’s reading chapters really fitting. I’m taking media law right now and we just happened to go over copyright this week as well.

We’re lucky to be students because under “Fair Use” we can use some copyright for class since it’s for a nonprofit educational purpose. But that’s also where ethics comes in. While we can use it, ethics encourages us not to. That’s where creative commons comes in.

I didn’t know this before but (cc) allows the creator of the content to allow others to freely use or adapt the original work into something new. So if you’re looking for a free image to use or you want to mix a cool new track, creative commons is something to look into.

Get Creative!

Some wonderful aerial shots by drone technology

This article is a collection of beautiful photography taken by drones. These devices are becoming more commonly accepted as tools for journalism and the pictures in this articles highlight the possibility of this attribute. Just imagine how complimentary one of these photos could be to a written article. Drones are becoming more affordable, so most anyone can obtain a model in their price range. Check out these stunning photos and decide how a drone could benefit to one of your stories.

Media Law and Ethics for Journalists

This week we are going to scratch the surface in media law and ethics. It is apart of every day life, but for journalists we must be on our feet 24/7, 365 days a year. There is so much to learn from the past when it comes to cases dealt in the United States, to rules we must follow as journalists. This website gives 100 resources for journalists from news outlets to blogs and much more! Check it out http://journalismdegree.org/media-law-ethics/


Sarah Pearce 11/28/16

Black Friday becomes more online focused

It’s not surprising that consumers would rather sit at home and shop online rather than try and beat the crowds at retail stores to get the best deals. Black Friday shopping has become increasingly more online focused over the years. The lines between Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming fuzzy. Read more in the article here.