Another way that businesses are reaching out to help people while they are traveling. I think that it is really cool that it has maps and virtual tours built in so people can figure out where to go without having to open a new tab on their phones.

The Correct Answer on how to Test

The ideology of most schools in America is to teach all the information throughout the semester having quizzes or projects as you progress, leading up to one cumulative exam. This practice has been heavily scrutinized and tested around the country and the world. There is no one correct way to teach or to learn, but this article gives an interesting take on the effects of pretesting and how the average person learns.

We should be encouraging students to learn and grow for their betterment, not for a better GPA.

Eeyore’s Birthday

Festival attendees gather under a banner

For my second story I focused on the 100th anniversary of Zilker Park. While this was an exciting milestone for Austin, Austin has some weirder parks and even weirder traditions. Eeyore’s Birthday began in 1963 for seemingly no definitive reason other than to, “Keep Austin Weird.” The event has stuck to this theme, sporting family friendly petting grounds, live music, and great food. However it has also stuck to it’s hippie roots by turning Pease District Park into a drug fueled party for some attendees. This year everyone stayed safe, and the event was a success.

Twitter update

When it comes to journalism you always want to engage your audience in the first sentence. Making those first few words interesting and catching has always been a bit challenging, especially when you have to get the audience attention with 140 characters. But now with Twitter’s new update, you can say more without counting off characters when mentioning handles. The new twitter update allows you to mention handles without having it count within the 140 character limit.






Finding interesting angles to shoot and report, can now be more interesting than standingĀ on a chair and using arm’s length. With the use of drones, getting a bird’s eye view into a story can take the story to a whole new level. We can now get insight to things where before a helicopter would have had to be used. At Texas State University at the school of Journalism and Mass Communication, the faculty has seen that this could be a very useful resource to reporting, so much so that there is a course available to get drone certified.


Shea Moisture “Insensitive” ad torn apart on social media

By now we’ve all seen the jaw-clenching Pepsi ad featuring model, Kendall Jenner and her cure for racial/police tensions. Social media started a firestorm directed straight at Pepsi.

Well now we have Shea Moisture who recently did something similar. The ad includes an African American woman and two Caucasian women commenting on their hair. Basically the objective of the ad was to stop hair hate, but if anything it enforced it.

Check out the two commercials here and let me know what y’all think.

Chris Harrison named CEO of DiMA

Chris Harrison is the former Exec of both Pandora Internet Radio and Sirius XM. DigitalĀ  Media Association (DiMA) is a trade group that represents some companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. That is only a handful. Right now the main focus of the company is with US copyright reforms and royalty rates.

To read more about Harrisons new position click here


How Social Media is currently kicking Airline behinds

For those who have no communication with the social media world, this may strike you as news. Recently airlines, United and American have ocme under fire of their treatment of passenger due to video footage being released via social media. One video shows a man being physically removed from a plane and the other and attendant shoving a lady. Either way these are two perfect examples of how social media can really cause some damage and create a bad image for a company.

Check out the details here