Copyright and Creative Commons

I found this week’s reading chapters really fitting. I’m taking media law right now and we just happened to go over copyright this week as well.

We’re lucky to be students because under “Fair Use” we can use some copyright for class since it’s for a nonprofit educational purpose. But that’s also where ethics comes in. While we can use it, ethics encourages us not to. That’s where creative commons comes in.

I didn’t know this before but (cc) allows the creator of the content to allow others to freely use or adapt the original work into something new. So if you’re looking for a free image to use or you want to mix a cool new track, creative commons is something to look into.

Get Creative!

Smart Phones, Smart Messaging


Google's Assistant can recognize keywords, offer suggestions and smart replies.
Google’s Assistant can recognize keywords, offer suggestions and smart replies.

In an ocean of phone applications, Google has rolled out it’s own smart messaging app, Allo. What distinguishes it from other messaging apps is the Assistant feature. You can make plans with a friend, and get suggestions and extra info inside the conversation. All without having to exit the app and open up a browser.

Allo wasn’t far behind the release of iOS 10, which allowed more features within messaging as well as improvements with Siri. Allo is available for both Android and iOS so it will be interesting to see if anyone will jump from the new iPhone messaging to Allo.