Guys, I was able to have a small convo with a young up and coming entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas. His name is Jordan McCook. I meet him recently at a radio show release showcase he put together for his new radio show that he just started. He was originally a barber, then he got the feeling that he was to do more with his life so he prayed about it and starting a radio show was bestowed upon his heart. I ask him what’s steps were taken to get his own radio station, and he answer “firstly, brand myself”. Next I asked what would be the steps and guidelines to coming up with that brand, and his reply was “something that comprise the end goal or vision of the company”. Lastly, I asked for any other advice, and he told me “it’s not about who you know.. it’s about who knows you.. don’t compete with anyone ever! Just be the best me I can be”. 

Jordan McCook ladies and gentlemen

Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, AI system finds

I read an article about an (AI) Artifical intelligence system that during the election process had always stated that Trump was going to win election even though Clinton was projected to win throughout all media outlets. Also is stated that Trump was more popular and was going to get more votes than Obama as well. The system was very accredited because it was correct with the past few elections.


What surprised me from some of the readings was that print advertising is still making up the majority of revenue. Another thought that came to mind would be if I did become rich would I still shop in what we consider “inferior goods” stores, and the reason why I think that is because I do shop at Walmart now and I do find good quality good there other than food that I am able to save money on. So I do wonder if my mindset would change drastically jus because I get a little money, because right now even when I do get a little money, I’m still looking for the deal to save the little money I do have.

Meet up

I was able to attend the Entertainment, Production & Promotions panel for Mass Comm week. The panel was about the creative side of sports marketing. The speaker of the panel Steve Richards, who is the Director of Ballpark Entertainment for the Round Rock Express Baseball Club which is a Triple A-Affiliate of the Texas Rangers; discussed his role in the production and promotions for the Round Rock Express as well as for the Dell Diamond Complex.

Grad Student Life

I chose this photo to descrifbe my Graduate Student Life because it is exactly how I felt from the end of my senior year undergrad to my second year of graduate school. Even though it was a short period of time, I truly feel I grew tremendously. I felt like I knew nothing coming into grad school but going into my second year, I feel very equipped to succeed this year.