Twitter update

When it comes to journalism you always want to engage your audience in the first sentence. Making those first few words interesting and catching has always been a bit challenging, especially when you have to get the audience attention with 140 characters. But now with Twitter’s new update, you can say more without counting off characters when mentioning handles. The new twitter update allows you to mention handles without having it count within the 140 character limit.






Finding interesting angles to shoot and report, can now be more interesting than standingĀ on a chair and using arm’s length. With the use of drones, getting a bird’s eye view into a story can take the story to a whole new level. We can now get insight to things where before a helicopter would have had to be used. At Texas State University at the school of Journalism and Mass Communication, the faculty has seen that this could be a very useful resource to reporting, so much so that there is a course available to get drone certified.


Live shootings, suicide, and rape are these Facebook’s responsibility?

With new technology comes new responsibility and challenges. Facebook created a new tool called Facebook live, which has been around since April 6, 2016. This new tool was created with innocence and allows people to broadcast to a live audience. This could be useful for many events, but some people have used the somewhat new feature for wrongdoing. People have committed suicide, rape, and homicide all while live broadcasting it on Facebook. This has resulted in a backlash to Facebook, and they are currently making efforts to avoid this from happening. But my question to you is, is it Facebook’s responsibility to avoid such crises?

Check out this article about one of the latest shootings on Facebook live.